NYC Programs

The Sylvia Center’s cooking programs in New York City give school-age children and teens the opportunity to take an active role in their daily diet and to begin eating conscientiously. We invite them to try new vegetables, come to trust unfamiliar foods, and learn to prepare simple, delicious, affordable meals.

TSC chef instructors are trained to engage children through hands-on activities and lively discussion of essential concepts such as seasonality, plant behavior, food history, and cultural awareness. The children learn, for example, that as recently as fifty years ago, no one in the northeastern United States would have eaten a fresh strawberry during the winter months.


During our six-week cycles, students learn basic cooking techniques (chopping, grating, whisking, kneading, rolling) as well as skills essential for any good cook: kitchen safety, flavor profiles and creative combining, planning and strategizing, and teamwork.


Click the following link to review a sample of our curriculum including several of our seasonal recipes and detailed lesson plans for kids, 7-12 years old and teens, 13-18 years old.

Sylvia Center Sample Curricula – Kids and Teens


For more information, please contact Whitney Reuling at or 212-337-6057.

“I used to only let Asyiah help me with baking, but he showed us the other day how to use the knife and use your bear claw. He’s learned so much over the summer. Now, I can have him help me in the kitchen.”

Mom of Asyiah, age 9


Chef Hollie helping whip cream