Farm Programs

The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm

Katchkie Farm is a sixty-acre organic vegetable farm in Kinderhook, New York.  The Sylvia Center’s programs at Katchkie Farm immerse children in the process of growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating fresh healthy food.

During the growing season, May through October, our students observe the farm in full operation and become farmers themselves in The Sylvia Center’s children garden. A sensory tour of the garden introduces the children to the plants: they are encouraged to touch, smell, and taste. Later, they are given age-appropriate tasks to perform: hoeing, weeding, digging, and harvesting. The reward of the harvest is immediate as the children prepare the vegetables for a healthy, delicious lunch.


On-Farm Programs

The Sylvia Center at Katchkie Farm offers both one-time and series programs on the farm for school and youth groups. Specific gardening activities and recipes are complementary and seasonal. Series programming is offered to those schools and organizations that would like to increase the impact of an on-farm field trip.


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For more information, please contact Julie Cerny at or 518-758-2170.

“I can’t wait to cook for my mom when I get home.”